(Historical) Articles Index

These Articles and stories were submitted by members, originally on the BarbelAngler site, and are preserved here as a historical reference

Articles Author
Danny's Barbel Fact File (P1) Danny Hannabuss
Red Letter Day Stuart Longfellow
Tops David Redfearn
First Barbel Andy O'Shaughnessy
From a Jack to a King Micky Holtom
Lady luck and the River Princes Andy O'Shaughnessy
Midweek Sanctuary Andy O'Shaughnessy
Spooked! Roy Young
Spooked II John Perry
The Opportunist Approach Andy O'Shaughnessy
In the Bleak Midwinter Andy O'Shaughnessy

Other Articles

Whilst not written specifically for Barbel Angler there are some articles which could be considered of interest to barbel anglers :
Centrepins and using them, especially for Barbel fishing by Paul (paul4barbus) Whiteing
Barbel Handling Code written and compiled by The Barbel Society

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