Tackle Review

Peregrine 4-piece Avon Barbel Rod by Mike Berridge

Technical Specification 11 foot, 4 section "Harrison" 1lb 8-ounce Avon style action.
Clear lacquered finish.
Over fit ferrules.

Action is slightly quicker than the original Harrison two-piece Avon but still smooth and progressive.
Rings fitted as standard Seymo 247S Alluminia Oxide.
Three legs black framed.

Normally tied in black with subtle gold trim.
Ring spacing worked out to maximise power potential and alleviate any possible flat spots.

Handle as Peregrine standard build. Full cork 23" overall. Super grade cork. Fore grip 2 1/2" inches.
Fuji DPS Black Reel Seat.
Rear grip 15 3/4" cork Wye Button black to finish off.
Rod supplied in cotton drill sectioned bag.

I had been looking for a rod, small enough to keep out of sight in the car, for a while now. I am a taxi driver so the chance of an "out of town" fare, followed by a few hours fishing cannot be missed. After talking to Roger at "Peregrine" he suggested the "Harrison" 4-piece Avon. The rod stays in the boot all the time tucked away with a stalker bag, the unhooking mat and landing net. At only 2ft 9in long it takes up no room at all in the boot.

The rod is a 4 piece, 11ft, 1.5lbs T.C. with a through action, it is usually coupled with an "OKUMA” Patriot “30” baitrunner and the usual "Power Pro" braid.

I have had the rod since the opening of the new season but I have caught barbel up to 10lbs+ on it and I must say the rod handled them superbly. There are no feelings of a flat spots at all when the rod is under compression, which for a rod with 3 spigots is unbelievable! The rod has coped well with 4oz leads (up to now) but is very light to handle as I don't take a rod rest, I touch ledger all the time with it, it never feels heavy or unbalanced in the hand. Bite detection is excellent and all the "plucks" and "pulls" can be felt easily while holding the rod.

The "Harrison" blank and "Peregrine" rod build quality is as always superb. Custom build is available on the rod, so if you see me on the river ask to see it, you will be impressed.

Price from £165 Inc delivery to UK mainland.

Availability from Peregrine Tel: 01761436900

Mike Berridge.

orig Nov 2005

regenerated Feb 2007