Tackle Review

Advanced Rig Resin, from Enterprise Tackle by Stuart

Here is the manufactures discription of a fairly new rig glue/resin marketed by Enterprise Tackle:

Coat hook knots, knotless knots etc to prevent slippage and provide added strength and abrasion resistance.
Create semi-stiff sections of hook link.
Prevent rig tube slippage.
Smooth over combi-link, leader knots etc.
Create an instant backstop.
Use as a stop when using rig rings for anti-eject rigs.

Developed using the latest technology, EXP 15 is a clear resin that cures when exposed to light from our U.V. torch, for approx 15 seconds. It is not a superglue, and will not cure unless its surface remain exposed to the light from the UN torch. Ideal for use in a multitude of rig making applications, it bonds to metal, monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid, and leadcore, even when wet, although for be results we recommend applying to a dry surface. Once cured, EXP 15 remains semi-flexible, and can be easily removed required. It will not weaken monofilament fluorocarbon etc and is unaffected by water, even when immersed for long periods. Unlike superglue, it is virtually odourless when cured, does not clog or leave an unsightly white residue. Directions for use.

To cure EXP 15, hold in the torch beam a distance of 25mm, over a flat surface, for a minimum of 15 seconds.

Available with or without torch (for those of you that already have one)

After using Kryston's Bondage rig glue for several seasons I decided that I would try this new product which sounded interesting and well worth a look at.

Even though I like the Bondage stuff I did find it takes a while to set and is not the right product if you are sat on the bank and need a rig made there and then. Never had a problem with it but the time span for it to set can be a pain sometimes. I orded this new resin through Leslies of luton priced at £12.95 and it comes supplied with the small UV torch. You can just buy the resin which is priced at £6.95.

Its a little dearer than many but well worth it.


Well after opening the packet I decided to give it a go on some braided hooklengths that I had tied. I tend to use the knotless knot when hair rigging and the resin or rig glue helps to insure that there is no slippage on the knot.

I carefully applied a small amount over the knot. Its a clear fluid that came out and the bottle shaped neck made it easy to apply.

I then took the torch and following the instructions I held the light over the knot for around 15 seconds.

I then checked the knot and it was fairly dry and had set. It just felt a little tacky but a few more seconds with the torch I found the resin had set fully. I did some more knots and each time using the torch the resin soon set and I was able to pack them away ready for my trip.

Interesting point the resin set with no colour, no white dust just nice and clear. It also felt supple not rock hard like some glues.

I have given it a good try out while fishing and the resin has held well, no sign of any problems and no movement on the knots. No signs that water has any effect on it either.

So even though I've only used it on my knots so far I can see lots of ways it can be used and I am happy to recommend the product.

by Stuart (minipeace)

orig Jul 2007

regenerated Mar 2008