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note. I know these are not the most mobile-friendly pages - alas I do not have the expertise to make them so


Unfortunately, manufacture of all Fred Crouch reels has ceased.

click button_sales for my details

Please note that I am NOT a dealer or in the trade, I just helped sell the Fred Crouch reels


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You can order the "paul4 Barbel Rod" from Peregrine Rods
go directly to


Avatars and stuff

button_avatars for some notes about message boards, usernames, and especially avatars

Fishing stuff

button_tackle for tackle and other fishing stuff, including my article
"Centrepins and using them, especially for Barbel Fishing"

Some friends' sites

button_fcr Fred Crouch centrepins - Fred passed away but his legacy lives on

Bob Gill, a very good friend of mine, is currently taking a break from rod building !!


Chris Brown manufactures extremely good quality angling products - landing nets, bank sticks etc

I have some of his gear and it's first rate

button_barbu My very good friend MikeB's site, although not very up to date!!
button_alant Guiding and Tuition site
by Alan Tomkins, PAA Coach
button_martp Coaching site
by Martin Porter, PAA Coach

Specifically barbel sites

bfwlogo barbel fishing world the largest barbel fishing site
  button_clickhere for the home page
  button_clickhere for the current forums
  button_clickhere for the previous system's 12000+ topic archives (note that this requires original login)
  button_clickhere for the previous system's FAQs
button_mickyh MickyH's excellent friendly barbel angler site for mainly southern-based barbel anglers
  button_clickhere for the current forums - unfortunately now closed due to recent lack of interest
  button_clickhere for the (preserved) articles
  button_clickhere for the (preserved) reviews

I considered this a worthwhile organisation to belong to, but am no longer an active member. Basically, whilst treasurer / membership sec / site admin it took up too much of my time, but it was in a healthy condition when I left in Apr 2015.

The Association of Barbel Fishers : Putting life and friendship into barbel fishing.

A natural evolution in specialist groups run democratically with elected officials and will continue to evolve as required.


Unfortunately the association has ceased to evolve and is now primarily akin to a two-fishery club.

logo © 2011 The Association of Barbel Fishers

button_barbsoc I considered this a worthwhile organisation to belong to, but am no longer a member. But they formulated the very worthwhile Barbel Handling Code


Angling Club / Venues info

button_twy for Twyford AC website
button_taa for Thatcham AA stuff
button_vac for Verulam AC website
button_fgn for Fishers Green stuff

click this image rssg_logo_small_butt for RSSG stuff - sadly no longer in existence


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