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Some old (Whiteing) family pictures - taken in about 1919

    Nan and Grandad Fisher, plus twins Katherine (my mum) and Arthur (Jumbo), and older sister Eve

The pictures above were taken in Hendon Lane, Finchley. The motorcycle and sidecar was built by another relative Harry Turpin, probably of Tottenham.
An interesting story about motorcycles related to the late 1960s, where my father and I used to frequent a transport cafe in East Finchley run by a friend, Ron. Two brothers who worked for the council weere doing some clearance work and came across an old motorcycle which they were going to dump but I identified it as a Wooler. Ron said fancied restoring this, although he had never undertaken that before, so I gave him some articles for him to read some background. Unfortunately his inexperience led to his frustration until my mum mentioned Harry 'who knew lots about motorcycles'. We went to collect Harry and his face was a picture when he saw that the bike was the same model as he had left in a basement in Camden Town years before. Yes, you guessed it, it was one and the same!
The end of the story was that eventually Ron was just waiting for some special tyres to be made (by one of the large tyre companies), when someone drugged his guard-dog in the yard and stole the bike and the as-yet unassembled parts.

A Wooler - although possibly not the same model as in the story above


  lots of old family photos
  family01 folder of 26
  family02 folder of 30
  family03 folder of 27
  family04 folder of 24

  dad's photos from WW2 - these are scans of the originals and are kindly included on the naval-history website by Gordon Smith
  part 1
  part 2
  part 3
  part 4


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