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The RSSG :

The beginning came from a man, and a dream that he had "that ordinary river anglers could all come together for the common good of river angling, for something to be formed that would protect our rivers for future generations". He had a problem, and that problem was that he didn't know what to do with his dream, but he "knew a man that would", and he became interested in the dream.

Briefly : An open invitation was extended, a meeting was called, the RSSG was born, and both men worked tirelessly towards a realisation of this dream but for many many reasons both of these men resigned from the RSSG and it collapsed.

We asked of one, "surely, your dream is still a dream, and that you have not resigned from that dream?" We asked of the other, "surely, you are still the most dedicated of river anglers, and that you are still the man who can?"

Alas, in less than a year from its birth, the RSSG ceased to exist.

The logos remain on this site as a reminder of a dream.


RSSG logos

RSSG logo

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RSSG logo mini

and for use with Ezboard and message board as personal icons :

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