Whiteing Family Photos - 02


    • Photo 001 possibly the brother of Winifred Fisher?
    • Photo 002 no idea
    • Photo 003 Jessie Fleet (sister of Winifred) with son Gerry (also known as Bill)
    • Photo 005 Josph King Thompson 1852-1913, father of Winifred
    • Photo 006 Isabella Fleet 1854-1930, mother of Winifred
    • Photo 007 ditto above
    • Photo 008 Winifred and William Fisher, with his parents Timothy and Matilda Fisher and children Arthur (Jumbo), Evelyn (Eve) and Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 009 Winifred Florence Fisher (nee' Thompson)
    • Photo 010 Michael Hardiman (son of Evelyn and Eric) with great grandmother Matilda Fisher
    • Photo 011 William Stephen Fisher
    • Photo 012 Winifred's siblings and partners:
      Bowler Hat = William Fisher
      Sailor = Charlie Fleet (Jessie's husband)
      2nd from right = Winifred's brother Fred Thompson
      2nd Left = Winifred's sister (Bella) next to Edie (Fred's wife)
      Middle = Winifred's sister Jessie next to Winifred
    • Photo 013 Winifred Fisher
    • Photo 014 Bottom right = Jessie and Charlie (black tie
      Jessie's mother Isabella behind Jessie (in black hat)
      Jessie and Charlie's son Gerry (in cap, behind his grandmother)
      Slightly confusing this one. Isabella (photo 006) had maiden name of Fleet.
      Her daughter Jessie (photo 003) married Charlie Fleet so they were cousins
    • Photo 015 Charlie Fleet (3rd from right, back row)
    • Photo 016 Isabella Thompson
    • Photo 017 Isabella Thompson again
    • Photo 018 Could be George, brother of Winifred?
    • Photo 019 Arthur, another brother of Winifred (died in WW1)
    • Photo 020 Isabella Thomson with her children? Jessie on right of her mother Bella on right, holding baby
    • Photo 021 Jessie's husband Charlie Fleet, in middle to right of man in black helmet
    • Photo 022 Isabella with her children
      Jessie on left next to Bella
      Arthur on right next to Winifred
      William Stephen at back in front of window
    • Photo 023 Isabella Thomson Daughter Bella on right next to Jessie
    • Photo 024 Bella with children Ron, twins Aurora and Bella
      Jessie at back and Lily at front
    • Photo 025 Bella and husband as above
    • Photo 026 Bella and husband again
    • Photo 027 Charlie Fleet, Jessie's husband, second from left
    • Photo 028 Winifred Fisher
    • Photo 029 William Stephen Fisher
    • Photo 030 William and Winifred at Station Road Finchley
    • Photo 031 William Fisher
    • Photo 032 William and Winifred with daughter Evelyn (1917)
    • Photo 033 William Fisher at Station Road Finchley
    • Photo 034 William Fisher at Station Road Finchley
    • Photo 035 William and Winifred Fisher, with daughter Katherine (Kit)
      and William's mother Matilda Fisher
    • Photo 036 William and Winifred Fisher, with children Evelyn, Katherine
      and Arthur (Jumbo) at back, in about 1936
    • Photo 037 William and Winifred Fisher
    • Photo 038 Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher with niece Susan
    • Photo 039 Katherine Whiteing with husband Maurice behind
      Mary Fisher with husband Arthur (Jumbo) behind
    • Photo 040 Katherine's sister Evelyn with her husband Eric Hardiman
    • Photo 041 L-R Katherine (Kit) left, Evelyn (Eve) middle and friend?
    • Photo 042 Katherine (Kit) and Evelyn (Eve)
    • Photo 043 Evelyn (Eve) is at the back
      Her father William Fisher holding her son Michael, and her grandmother Matilda
      in about 1943
    • Photo 044 Evelyn (Eve) front left with her second husband American "Bud" Galloway
      behind her (in light suit)
    • Photo 045 Katherine (Kit) with Evelyn's son Michael
    • Photo 046 Evelyn with first husband Eric Hardiman (father of Michael and Philip)
    • Photo 047 Katherine (Kit), Eve's son Michael, and Eve on right
    • Photo 048 Jessie Fleet (Winifred's sister)
    • Photo 049 Sisters Winifred and Jessie
    • Photo 050 L-R Winifred with daughter Katherine (Kit) and sister Jessie
    • Photo 051 Back row, Evelyn (blouse with buttons) and her cousin Aurora Front row L-R, Winifred and Jessie, with Eve's dog Keela
    • Photo 052 Katherine (Kit) between her Auntie Jessie and mum Winifred
    • Photo 053 L-R William Fisher, Jessie Fleet, Winifred Fisher Charlie Fleet and George Thomson (Jessie and Winifred's brother)
    • Photo 054 L-R Winifred fisher, sister Jessie Fleet and Charlie Fleet
    • Photo 055 Katherine (Kit)'s twin Arthur (Jumbo) with new wife Mary
    • Photo 056 Jessie and Charlie Fleet
    • Photo 057 Jessie and Charlie Fleet with friend on right, in their garden at Conqueror Road
    • Photo 058 Katherine (Kit) and Maurice's wedding 11.12.43
      Maurice's sisters Sheila on left, and Olive on right
      Neice Pam at front (Dughter of his eldest sister Florence Bannister)
    • Photo 059 Katherine (Kit) Fisher
    • Photo 060 Katherine (Kit) front right Netball team at Manorside School, Finchley
    • Photo 061 Manorside School Finchley class
      Middle Desk, third from right is Arthur (Jumbo)
      Katherine (Kit) is fourth from right
    • Photo 062 L-R Katherine (Kit), Evelyn (Eve) and Arthur (Jumbo)
    • Photo 063 Sisters Katherine (Kit) and Evelyn (Eve)
    • Photo 064 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 065 Katherine (Kit) in Land Army outfit
    • Photo 066 Katherine (Kit) and Maurice Whiteing at Station Road Finchley
    • Photo 067 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 068 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 069 Sisters Katherine (Kit) and Evelyn (Eve)
    • Photo 070 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 071 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 072 Katherine (Kit) and mother Winifred, at daughter Sue (and husband Jim)'s garden in Romsey
    • Photo 073 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 074 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 075 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 076 Katherine (Kit)
    • Photo 077 Katherine (Kit) with grandmother Matidla Fisher
    • Photo 078 Front L-R William and Winifred Fisher
      Back L-R son Arthur (Jumbo) and wife Mary, Katherine (Kit) and husband Maurice Whiteing
    • Photo 079 Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher
    • Photo 080 Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher
    • Photo 081 Evelyn (Eve) nee' Fisher, then Hardiman, then Galloway
    • Photo 082 Evelyn (Eve) with brother-in-law Maurice Whiteing
    • Photo 083 Katherine (Kit) at back Jessie and Charlie Fleet with Kit's children Susan and Paul
    • Photo 084 Maurice Whiteing at back Jessie and Charlie Fleet with Kit's children Susan and Paul
    • Photo 085 Kit's dog Patch and behind in window Jonathan Burley (neighbour), Susan and Paul (Kit's children)
    • Photo 086 Katherine (Kit) Fisher
    • Photo 087 Katherine (Kit) Fisher and sister Evelyn (Eve)
    • Photo 088 Katherine (Kit), Arthur (Jumbo) and Evelyn (Eve) Fisher
      outside their house in Station Road Finchley
    • Photo 089 Katherine (Kit) and Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher
    • Photo 090 Katherine (Kit) and Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher in 1918/19
    • Photo 091 Arthur (Jumbo) Fisher and new wife Mary
    • Photo 092 Evelyn (Eve) Hardiman and son Philip at Finchley outdoor swimming pool
    • Photo 093 Michael Hardiman (Eve and Eric's eldest son)
    • Photo 094 Philip Hardiman (Eve and Eric's youngest son)
    • Photo 095 Philip and Michael Hardiman
    • Photo 096 Michael Hardiman with grandmother Winifred Fisher
    • Photo 097 Philip and Michael Hardiman
    • Photo 098 At back Kit's daughter Susan and Katherine (Kit) At front Evelyn (Eve) and son Philip
    • Photo 099 L-R Michael Hardiman, cousin Susan Whiteing, Philip Hardiman
    • Photo 100 Left front to back Michael Hardiman, Susan Whiteing and a friend
      Right front to back Paul Whiteing and Philip Hardiman
      at Hastings
    • Photo 101 L-R Susan Whiteing, Arthur (Jumbo) holding son Michael Fisher, eldest son Anthony Fisher
      At back Eve's son Michael Hardiman
    • Photo 102 Cousins Michael Hardiman and Susan Whiteing
      "swapped clothes" at Hastings
    • Photo 103 Susan Whiteing and cousin Philip Hardiman buried
    • Photo 104 Michael Hardiman, Jessie and Charlie Fleet
    • Photo 105 Philip Hardiman, cousin Susan Whiteing, and Michael Hardiman
    • Photo 106 Paul and Susan Whiteing, with cousins Michael and Philip Hardiman
    • Photo 107 Susan Whiteing(just out of shot) buried cousin Michael Hardiman
    • Photo 108 Paul and Susan Whiteing
    • Photo 201 Newspaper cutting - re. Maurice Whiteing snooker
    • Photo 202 Framework of factory being built at Gruneisen Road Finchley
    • Photo 203 Derelict premises in Hall Street North Finchley
      became Maurice Whiteing's Criterion Display Works
    • Photo 204 ditto above
    • Photo 205 Newspaper cutting - re. Maurice Whiteing snooker
    • Photo 206 Maurice Whiteing cadet with euphonium
    • Photo 207 Social event, Katherine (Kit) Whiteing in middle holding glass
      Maurice Whiteing partially obscured on right
    • Photo 208 Unknown group photo
      Maurice Whiteing middle at back, with pale jacket
    • Photo 209 School football team
      Maurice Whiteing front row far right
    • Photo 210 School athletics (or swimming) team
      Maurice Whiteing centre of back row
    • Photo 211 Kit and Maurice's neighbour Ted Webb
      Station Road Finchley